Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves the best quality of life, regardless of who they are. We make this belief a reality using our innovative business model and the latest technology solutions. We offer our users a unique combination of Fintech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies that are very easy to use, borderless, time-saving, accessible, equal and free of charge.

Storepay Key Metrics

750+ Daily Purchases through Storepay App

2,500+ Merchant Partners

90% of Stores at Major Shopping Malls that Accept Storepay

Storepay increases Merchant Partners’ sales by 18% on average

Our Values

High-performing team

We are a professional team that strives for achieving our goals. We focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. At work, we put our goals first and trust each other that the motivation behind everyone’s action is to help each other accomplish. As much as we demand high and efficient performance from each other, we facilitate a comfortable environment for work and value work-life balance.

Fair treatment

We believe that extraordinary solutions require a diverse team. Hence, at Storepay, everyone’s opinion is heard and valued regardless of their positions, age, and gender. We will only compare your performance with your KPI.

Continuous learning

We have a growth mindset that drives us to learn all the time. We constantly improve our skills, learn about our users, and work on being the best team players. We approach our work with open-mindedness and love the challenges that make us better.


Our utmost purpose is to solve our users’ problems and make their lives easier using state-of-the-art technology solutions. We ask ourselves what would be the most optimal for our users whenever we make decisions.


Khangal Nergui
Founder & CEO

12+ years of entrepreneurial experience founding different innovative businesses such as Sole – a sports magazine and Mobile Advertising LLC.

Khangal obtained his master’s degree from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Gilles de Dumast
Board member

35+ years’ experience as an investment banker at Crédit Agricole CIB, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse First Boston France, Bankers Trust and JP Morgan.

Senior Advisor of Amundi Group CEO and advisory board founder and member of Amundi South Asia and Amundi North Asia.

Gilles holds a master’s in finance from Sciences Po Paris.

Albert Momdjian
Board member

25+ years of experience in investment banking in several financial institutions such as UBS AG, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Crédit Agricole-CIB.

Master’s degree in International Finance, with Honors from the University of Paris Dauphine (France).

Cecilia Barradas
Secretary of the Board

9+ years’ experience in investment analysis and project manager in North and Southeast Asia.

Active involvement in sustainable investing and the circular economy.

Double master’s degree in International Economic Development and Economic History from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

Tsatsal Ganbold
International Expansion Lead

5+ years of experience in the SaaS, Fintech, and Blockchain industries. Tsatsal worked as Business Developer at a SaaS provider – AND Solutions, focusing on Southeast Asian markets and Nordic Blockchain Association in Denmark.

Holds a MSc degree from Copenhagen Business School.

Inguumel Tsengel
Product Lead

Inguumel has been leading the Storepay product development since its inception. 4+ years of experience in the Financial sector including a stockbroker at MICC.

Holds a MBA from University of Finance and Economy, Mongolia.

Tsenguun Sukhgerel
Lead Visual Designer

Tsenguun has been working as a visual designer for Fintech companies in the last 14 years.

He also has extensive experience as a motion designer.

Tsenguun obtained his Computer Graphic Design degree from Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Yeson-Erdene Ganbold
Senior Backend Developer at ICT Group

8+ experience in developing financial technology including BBX, Insurtech and Blockchain systems. He is the lead developer for Storepay products.

ICT Group is the software provider of Storepay. As a leading technology vendor, ICT Group provides over 300 products and services for clients in various industries. Read more about ICT Group.

6+ years of experience as a business development and sales manager at leading companies of Mongolia. She has been with Storepay since day one contributing to its growth. Ariungoo holds a MSc in Corporate Governance from University of Finance and Economics

Dulguun Sanchir
Marketing Manager

Bolortuya Jargalsaikhan
Chief Accountant

Bolortuya has been working in the financial, investment and security industries for the last 14 years. She is a CPA and has an extensive background working in the security industry including Mongolian Commodity Exchange, feasibility study for Mining Exchange and Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange.

Mungunsor Sainzaya
Legal Officer

Mungunsor has been working for Storepay since 2021. He holds a Bachelor of Business Law from the University of Finance and Economics.

6+ years of experience in labor communications, recruitment and talent management from banking and finance industry. Zoljargal obtained her degree in Human Resource Management from Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Dulguun has an extensive background in SEO, Social & Digital Marketing, as well as traditional marketing. Previously he worked on Gobi Cashmere’s digital marketing focusing on the North American market and its expansion into Australia, Canada and
New Zealand. He holds a BBA from the University of Finance and Economics