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How It Works

No impact on your credit score

Payment in-store or online all take under 1 minute

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1 Get the Storepay app

Signing up and getting your Storepay purchase limit approved both take less than a minute. You will know instantly how much your purchase limit will be, so you can spend within the set budget.

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2 Get what you need

Storepay is available at most of the brands you like. Check our online and offline merchant partners here.

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3 Shop online & offline

Select Storepay at checkout.

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4 Pay your first 25% upfront at the point of purchase

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5 Pay the remaining balance over time every 2 weeks

With Storepay, buy the things you want today and pay over time for free.

Buy multiple things and pay all at the same time within your Storepay purchase limit.

Get 1% of the total purchase back in SPC every time when you complete repayments.

Storepay B2B enables businesses to buy their inventory now and pay for them later over time.

  • No collateral required
  • Interest-free
  • No hidden fees
  • No need to have a credit history
  • Hassle-free and straightforward process

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Available Markets


Storepay is the first and leading BNPL service provider in Mongolia. Back in 2019, when Storepay started operating, paying interest and other fees for credit cards and installment loans were the norms. Even the latest digital lending apps required users to physically sign agreements. Storepay pioneered the end-to-end digital service that doesn’t require any interest and fees. As a result, now Storepay is used and loved by over +500,000 Mongolians. Check out Storepay Mongolia.

Download Storepay Mongolia app:


The Indonesian BNPL market is expected to have the largest growth in SEA. Storepay is working on launching its unique BNPL service to this attractive market with a 247 million population within 2022.

Contact Storepay sales team in Indonesia.